about the show

Venue: ZOO Monkey House (Venue 124), 140 The Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9RR

Dates: 1st – 16th August 2014 inclusive (previews 1st and 2nd August)

Time and duration: 12.55 – 14.15 (1h20m)

Tickets: £8.50 (£7 concession)


“What makes you who you are? A name? An address? A random collection of experiences, a few memories? You are who you can prove you are. You are what people think. And that’s the easiest thing in the world to change.”


Thousands of the missing persons cases reported every year are not a result of forced abduction – they are deliberate acts, individuals seeking to leave everything behind to start over. How to Disappear Completely and Never Be Found by Fin Kennedy is an award-winning dramatisation of one of these mysterious disappearances.


Young marketing executive Charlie Hunt is trapped: work, drink, snort, sleep, rinse, repeat. But when a family friend with a questionable past offers him a way out, he discovers his chance to wipe the slate clean. Can a new name and face grant him the freedom he desperately craves? Or is Charlie doomed to repeat the same mistakes, the promised fresh start always just out of reach?


Combining captivating physical storytelling, exceptional performances, and original music, Runaground crafts the story of a personal tragedy – the futile attempts of a troubled man trying to find his place in the world.

© 2014 Jeremy Wong